Turkey Butty Run 2013 - Updated

The Turkey Butty Run has been difficult to organise this year because we found it very difficult to get decent accommodation around the areas where we have the lanes planned.
The lanes in Yorkshire look good so we may include them in a trip later on in 2014 when more accommodation will be available.

Right here we go..........
The greenlaning will be done on the Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th of December.
We plan to do the usual route that takes us two days to do but may be more interesting this time of year due to snow and ice.
I've had very little luck with the accommodation in the Lakes so far as the usual place (Sykeside) is almost fully booked, (although there are a couple of B&B rooms available should any member prefer to stay there). The Kirkstone Pass Inn at the top of "The Struggle" has a bunkhouse available for Saturday night for 12 people @ £9:50 pp pn. They also have three double B&B rooms @ £55 pr pn. There is another larger B&B room with single beds and a bunk which I can get the price of if we need more beds. Total number of people that the K.P.I. can accommodate is 22 so I need number and names ASAP (that means right away!) Please feel free to book the Sykeside B&B yourselves if you want to stay there (let me know if you do this so I have an idea of total numbers for the greenlaning), first come first served will be the norm at Sykeside but if you want to stay at the K.P.I. then please leave the booking to me as they have said we will get a discount for a group.

LLROC members have some options:-
option #1 book Sykeside yourself if you can.
option #2 stay @ K.P.I. for 2 nights
option #3 meet at the Texaco garage on Saturday and stay just the one night.
option #4 come up for a day trip on the Saturday, which is the day of the best lanes.

What ever you do LET ME KNOW A.S.A.P.
Once I've made the booking I'll send further details to those who are going.

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