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As word of the club spread our membership grew so we moved to the Magull Social Club. During this time we arranged several trips to Romanian Orphanages.

As time went by the club then moved to Alder Hey Social Club.

As the membership continued to increase we took on more off roading and green lanes and participated in family camping trips to Norley, Cheshire. As well as an Easter egg hunt and also the Brass Monkey challenge, which is a treasure hunt on road.

More time passed and we moved onto the Brickwall pub in Tarbock were members could stand outside and check out other members Land Rovers.

It was during this time that we started to take on more shows including the Woodvale rally, the Halton show as well as the main Land Rover shows through out the country.

On to the present day, the club now meets at the Dales Country Club in Halewood were we are still very much family friendly. Trips these days have gone as far as France and also over to the Isle Of Man.

So if you're interested in Land Rovers pop in and pay us a visit.

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